Monday, June 29, 2009

The Government Plantation

I can't remember slavery and nor can anyone else because anyone who lived in that time is now DEAD! Obviously slavery in America is a black mark on American history and should never be forgotten.... but here's the thought of the day: Isn't the massive expansion of Government we've experienced since Jan 2009, the growing dependency on the Nanny State and the significant intrusion by Government into every one's lives, just like the 'Plantation System' during slavery.

As a slave you we totally dependent upon the Plantation for virtually everything. The Plantation was the center of your life. You were forced to work for the Plantation. You received your food from the Plantation. Your housing was controlled and provided by the Plantation. Clothing... provided by the Plantation and the Master. Healthcare, although limited, was provided at the mercy of the Plantation and the Master. Your spouse may have been determined by the Plantation and your children were absorbed into the Plantation system. You and your fellow slaves were totally dependent upon the Plantation system for everything.

Today more and more citizens (and non-citizens) are becoming dependent the Government Plantation. We are experiencing a massive expansion of the government control over our lives just like slaves. And just like a slave you are having to comply with what the Master wants you to eat, drink, live and sleep in, how to educate of your children and soon the doctor you'll be allowed to see. (Side note: I found Obama's comment insulting that "under his healthcare reform act, you'll be allowed to keep your own Doctor"... be allowed... be allowed... who the hell is Obama to tell me I'll "be allowed" to keep my Doctor)

Eventually slaves rebelled against the Master and the Plantation System. They practiced what made the Country great.... 'Individualism'. The slave as an individual (group) rose up against the System in hopes of bettering himself and defeating the oppressive Plantation System which was immoral and degrading. A revolt to defeat the Plantation System which stripped the slave of his individualism, his dignity, his drive to be self sufficient, to better his family's plight and not have to rely on the Master and Plantation.

Individualism made America great. Individualism will return America to it's greatness of her past.... now we just need the revolt. Are you becoming a slave?

The Flyover Conservative

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NBC is now the 'State Run Media'!

As an independent observer of inter-action between humans I got a big kick out of this.

At this point everyone knows NBC and MSNBC have lost ALL objectivity and credibility as legitimate news media... and have basically become the 'State Run Media" for the Obama Administration. If you don't agree... get your head out of ass and watch this! Now ask yourself why NBC's Brian Williams would bow to the Messiah?

Gee... let's see... NBC/MSNBC is owned by GE... Jeff Immelt is CEO of GE... Immelt is in Obama's pocket... so I guess I understand why Williams would bow to the KING!

The Flyover Conservative