Monday, August 31, 2009

Remember Mary Jo Kopechne!

Remember Mary Jo Kopechne! That was going to be my bumper sticker if Teddy Kennedy ever became a serious candidate for President.

Teddy Kennedy broke the cardinal rule of politics... never get caught with a live boy or a dead girl! Well... Teddy didn't exactly get caught with a dead girl... she was found dead in his car... under water... after he waited 11 hours (probably to sober up) before reporting his July 1969 vehicular homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne... a young Robert Kennedy Campaign (the Boiler Room Girls) worker that drown in Teddy's car when Teddy drove off Chappaquiddick bridge!

Teddy's advisors certainly were lucky we had just landed on the moon and the public's attention was centered on the accomplishment of his brother's challenge, rather than the indictable conduct of his younger brother... Teddy... and I don't mean getting kicked out of Harvard for paying a fellow student to take a test for him or being denied a commision in the US Army because, again, he was caught cheating on tests.

Now... I could go on and on disparaging the bloated, alcoholic, egotistical, murderer known as the younger brother of John and Bobby... he's hardly worth it... and my mother taught me not to speak badly about the dead. Just think.... if Evan Bayh's dad hadn't pulled Teddy out of that plane I wouldn't be writing this... thanks Birch... I think!

I only have one question about the younger Kennedy brother? We all know John was married to Jackie but recently we learned Bobby was doing Jackie after John's death... (I guess Jackie had a thing for power and money... especially if the money was made from prostitution and bootlegging... or shipping... what did Ethel say about all this? ... oh my God, this could be an adult viewing hour soap opera... or maybe an HBO series... let's call it... Cum-a-lot!

So here's the question... was Teddy also doing Jackie? Oh... I hear groans and whisper coming from the audience... they're saying ... "What a vicious attack!" ... my response... Not as vicious as Teddy's attack on Bork or Justice Thomas!

The Flyover Conservative

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I can hardly wait for Government Healthcare!

Let’s review some Government run programs!

U.S. Postal System: Government run. After 235 years it's broken and losing billions. According to President Obama the privately run delivery systems like UPS and FedEx are doing just fine!

Social Security: Broken and will be bankrupt in 2017 or sooner.

Fannie Mae: Broken. Full of toxic assets. Required bailout using your tax dollars.

War on Poverty: The longest war in American history. Recap: Spent trillions of tax dollars with no measurable result.

Medicare: Bankrupt and actual costs are 9 times what Government projected.

Medicaid: Bankrupt. State matching funds requirements bankrupting many State budgets. As much as 35% waste, fraud and abuse.

Freddie Mac: Broken and full of toxic assets. Bailout required using taxpayer dollars.

Viet Nam War: U.S. Military was run out of the Country because the war was prosecuted by politicians not Generals.

AMTRAK: Has never made a profit and costs taxpayers billions to continue operation.

VA Medical System: Presently rationing care and basically run with the same mentality as Postal System. Excellent example of a Government run healthcare program!

U.S. Energy Dept: Established in 1970 with directive to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Result: Total failure. The U.S. now imports a higher percentage of its oil requirements from foreign sources.

U.S. Dept of Agriculture: Now employs more government bureaucrats than the number of family farms in America.

War or Drugs: Total Failure. Narco terrorists entering our Southern Border and controlling significant territory in South America. Drug use at all time high in America.

Cash for Clunkers: Bankrupt within weeks. Government failing to reimburse U.S. Auto Dealers on timely basis. $3 billion program administered by clowns and we’ll soon have cash for refrigerators!

U.S. Congress: Out of control spending resulting in a 1.6 Trillion dollar deficit in 2009. Members of Congress now answer to special interests rather than serving their constituents.

Stimulus Package of 2009: 787 Billion of your tax dollars to stimulate economic growth. Result- Record high unemployment. Record high foreclosure rate. Record high bankruptcy filings. Hey... How's that Hope and Change working out for you?

The only government programs, I can remember, that have been successful over the past 70 years have been the prosecution of the 2nd World War… because Generals were in charge of winning… and the JFK challenge of putting a man on the moon within 10 years… again… because it was a collaboration between private industry and the scientific community. NOT Government bureaucrats!

Government is not the answer! Government is the problem! Government is the opposite of efficiency. Government breeds meritocracy. Government produces waste, fraud and abuse! Private industry will produce the most efficient program because of competition. The free market creates efficiency!

Government run Healthcare is NOT about Healthcare... it's about CONTROL over your life by pseudo elitists that think you are too stupid to know what's best for you. They think they know what's best and want to force their thinking on you and your family!

Wake up America! Government run Healthcare… the public option, single payer or whatever the progressives are calling it this week… will be a disaster just like the all the programs listed above!

It’s time for the 2nd American Revolution!

The Flyover Conservative

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pay Up!

Here are 2 very interesting web sites that clearly detail the out of control spending and massive public debt our Federal Government has accumulated. Now this site, at the time of posting, indicates your individual portion of the US National Debt is about $38,000! And that the Federal government has spent this year to date about $8,400 per citizen, and it's only the end of August. Moving down the page you'll see your government has spent over $11 trillion of your tax dollars on government bailouts... that's trillion with a "T" and remember it's your money because the government doesn't have any money except what it gets from you and me... the individual taxpayer!

Moving down the page you can review Financial Meltdown info, Private Debt, Credit Card Debt and Medical Debt, Unemployment Numbers, Bankruptcies and Foreclosures, etc,... all very interesting and mind boggling! Then as you move down the page you can view present Trade Numbers and Oil Imports which is pretty scary in itself!

The MOST interesting numbers are at the bottom of the page... it indicates U.S. UNFUNDED LIABILITIES... which at the time of this posting is approaching $59 trillion dollars... yes... that's trillion with a "T". Now what is an 'UNFUNDED LIABILITY'? You'll notice it's broken into 3 parts 1) Medicare/Medicaid, 2) Social Security and 3) Prescription Drugs. UNFUNDED means these are government obligations it has made to its citizens (entitloements) for which there is no money... no funding (thus the term UN-funded)... a promise to pay with no means of paying... think about that.... cannot pay and has no means of paying these entitlements!

Think about that last set of numbers... $59 Trillion... with no means of paying for those obligations! And just think your individual portion of that unfunded liability, each of children's individual portion of that unfunded liability and each or your grand children's individual portions of that unfunded liability is $192,000... each! Look around you... everyone you see, every person in the USA owes $192,000 as their portion of those unfunded liabilities!

The second web site... is a government (U.S. Treasury) web site that not only confirms the above information (give or take a few Billion) but will give you even more detail of this pending financial disaster!

Wake up American... it's time for the 2nd American Revolution! Go to 'Town Hall Meeting', take a video camera, and ask your Senator or Representative the hard questions! Remind them they work and answer to us!

The Flyover Conservative

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Seante took the "Death Panels" out even though the Obama Administration said they were never in!

Now the Obama Administration has always claimed there were no "Death Panels" in the Healthcare Reform Bill! Ya... right... Oh I forgot... nobody read it! (Well... see page 430 of the House Bill)

Then last Friday the U.S. Senate (sensing the natives are getting restless) announced those "Death Panels", the Obama Administration said were never in the Bill.... had been removed from the Senate version of the Bill.

OK now let me see... Obama Administration says the "Death Panels" were never in the Bill... then the Senate said the "Death Panels" were removed from the Bill. So how do you remove something that wasn't there?

Hummm... can you say "LIARS" or is it just that nobody in the Obama Administration has their sh*t together!

Wake up America... it's time for the second American Revolution! Keep up the good work and express yourself at a Town Hall meeting with your Congressional Representatives... and remember to take a video camera!

The Flyover Conservative

Thursday, August 13, 2009

4 months?

I am now totally convinced any money the USA puts into the United Nations is flushing your hard earned tax dollars down the toilet. I once thought the U.N. did a reasonable job of providing meals to refugees... but after this... I think even that task might be too much responsibility!

This statement is taken directly from a speech by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, given to the Global Environmental Forum. You remember good old Ban, Ki-moon! Hell of a guy!

And I quote: "We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet. Any agreement must be fair, effective, equitable and comprehensive, and based on science. And it must help vulnerable nations adapt to climate change."

Oh My God... "just 4 months to save the planet"! Ban Ki-moon says we have just 4 months! Run... run... the sky is falling... no... no... the moon is falling!

Let's see now... so by mid-December if no major climate legislation is passed and the world doesn't reduce CO2 output we can all kiss it goodbye? Starvation, war, pestilence, plague, mass extension... all the worst cases in the Bible! Hey... bring on the Dom, Cubans (cigars) and pole dancers... It will be one hell of a New Years party!

My question... How could any reasonably intelligent human make such a statement and not expect to be laughed at? That's just it... they couldn't! What scientific FACT is this clown basing his conclusion? This guy is Secretary General of the United Nations for God's sake... and he's just made a statement to the WORLD that we have only 4 month to secure the future of our planet! What a joke! And how many 'BILLIONS" do we taxpayers put into the U.N. every year?

Again... ANY money the USA puts into the United Nations is a total waste!

The Flyover Conservative

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We are in a fight for the heart and soul of America!

Let there be NO mistake... we are engaged in a battle for the heart and soul of America, the free enterprise system, individualism, democracy... the Republic... as we know it! The battlefield against the Progressives movement is HEALTHCARE! (By the way the Obama Administration is now calling it... Healthcare Insurance Reform) A single party payer program run by bureaucrats in DC will lead to the end of the American experiment as we know it.

What you will hear over the next few weeks coming from the Obama Administration will be a lie concerning the extent the proposed healthcare overhaul will have on your life. They will say... you will be able to keep your doctor, your private insurance coverage, your treatment options... basically your individual choice to make an informed decision concerning your healthcare... without government interference. If you believe any of the crap that comes from the Obama Administration or the progressive movement that supports the plan over the next few weeks... then you are in serious need of mental help.

If there is any question that Obama and the progressive movement wants to take the American healthcare system to a single party payer (socialised medicine) just review the following:

The American Healthcare System accounts for almost 20% of the American economy. The proposed overhaul of the systems is nothing more than a massive expansion of power and control by the Federal Government. A power grab by people that feel you are too stupid to make informed decisions about you own life. Elitists that think they know what's best for you.. although they will not have to participate in the healthcare program they are proposing for you! They will be enrolled in a system for legislators and government employees that offer true choice, multiple options of hospitals, doctors, treatment... the very best healthcare that can be attained... not the program you will be in! Not to mention... they haven't even read the Bill!

Wake Up American! Get off your couch and get involved. It's time for the 2nd American Revolution! Contact your elected officials... your Representative... your Senators... and tell them to say NO to a single party payer healthcare program.

The Flyover Conservative

Monday, August 3, 2009

Clunkers for Healthcare!

Let's see... when Obama first announced his plan to overhaul the healthcare system in American it was to cover the 46 million uninsured... but you take away 20 million illegals (Americans are tired of paying billions of dollars for the healthcare of non-Americans), then 9 million more that are eligible for Medicaid but refuse to use the program, and about 10 million more that are either long term or short term uninsured due to unemployment and your left with about 9 million that are chronic uninsured. Hummm... 9 million people (less than 3% of the population) and he wants to overhaul the best healthcare system in the world! It would seem to me a stop gap program to cover the long and short uninsured might be a more cost effective solution... but NO... Obama wants to overhaul the entire frickin' healthcare system!

So when those numbers came out... he and his band of idiots changed their story to 'cost savings'. Moving to a one payer system would save money... but they shot themselves in the foot (like I said... 'a band of idiots') when they had already reported the house version would cost an additional $1 trillion dollars (that's an additional trillion dollars... with a "T" ... not a lot of cost saving there)... so that didn't work... and made them look like they acted 'stupidly'.. just to borrow a phrase from PresBO... (President Barack Obama... it's PresBO... cuz we tite)!

So the band of idiots have again changed their story and now it's the insurance companies that are the devil! The merry band of idiots will be preaching... it's the evil insurance companies that's the problem! Those greedy insurance companies... they're making a profit!

SIDE NOTE: I don't see a lot of Americans running to Canada or England to receive healthcare... although I do see a lot of foreigners coming to America to receive healthcare... like the PM of Italy (Berlusconi) came here a few months ago for heart surgery. Do you think Obama would run to Italy for heart surgery? ... not so much!

Let's cut the bullsh*t! Obama is a Marxist! In his community organizer world "profit" is a bad thing... but if you make a profit... it needs to be spread around! Central planning and government control is best! Big government is the answer!

Big government can't even run a "cash for clunkers" program... but they want to run your healthcare! Big government has bankrupt Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the VA Medical System and Obama wants a 'single payer' ('single payer'... is just another word for socialized medicine) healthcare system in America. So when Obama says he's NOT trying destroy private insurance, and his plan will include private insurance... just watch this video:

Obama's healthcare plan is just another massive grab for power and expansion of central authority.

Elections have consequences! Wake-up America. It's time for the 2nd American Revolution!

The Flyover Conservative