Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg is an Idiot!

The above pictured individual is an idiot!

BACKGROUND: Roman Polanski faced charges of rape and sodomy of a 13 years girl in 1978. He pled guilty to sexual intercourse with a minor and spent 42 days in jail during a psychological evaluation. Upon release from the evaluation period and pending sentencing for the admitted crime, he fled the USA. His comment was “You know what, this guy’s going to give me 100 years in jail. I’m not staying” and he ran. His 13 year old victim told a grand jury the director plied her with champagne and drugs and took nude pictures of her in a hot tub. Then Polanski had oral, anal and sexual intercourse with the 13 year old despite her resistance and requests to be taken home.

So here we are 30 years later. Roman Polanski travels to Zurich, Switzerland and U.S. authorities arrest him and he faces extradition back to the U.S. for sentencing of the admitted crime.

Now comes one of the most ignorant statements you’ll ever hear! Whoopi Goldberg’s comment was... "I know it wasn't rape-rape. I think it was something else, but I don't believe it was rape-rape.

Just so I understand Whoopi... you don’t consider using liquor and drugs on a 13 year old girl and forcing her to have sex despite her resistance... as rape? “It’s something else”... but it’s not rape according to Whoopi!
Whoopi... so is “rape-rape” different than “rape”? Whoopi... please define “rape-rape” and how it differs from just plain “rape”? are an idiot! No.. you are an... Idiot-Idiot!!!

The Flyover Conservative

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2nd American Revolution!

What do I mean by the ‘2nd American Revolution’.

I close most of my politically oriented blogs with the same statement: “Wake-Up America… It’s time for the 2nd American Revolution”. Someone ask me… exactly what do I mean by that statement? Do you mean a full civil uprising? A violent takeover of Congress?… maybe the White House? … and then there’s the Judicial Branch? A Coup de Grace of sorts? An unprecedented use of the Military? Citizens marching into the Capitol and offering the lying, self serving scoundrels a simple choice: 1) leave now… never to return inside the beltway… or 2) be machine gunned in your seat?

What exactly do I mean when I say… “It’s time for the 2nd American Revolution! It’s pretty simple… any or all of the above! I really don’t care how it’s done but we need a dramatic change in Washington D.C. We need to return to the ideals established by the founding fathers and the principles of the U.S. Constitution. Our nation’s Capitol is full of corrupt politicians, lobbyists, liars, tax cheats, modern day money changers, criminals in white collars…basically… almost all of our representatives are scum bags and need to be removed from inside the beltway.

Here’s a few suggestions:
1) We need ‘Term Limits’. 2 terms in the House and one term in the Senate. If you’re in now… you’re out at the next election and you must stay out for at least 2 terms before you can return. No longer can being a politician be a ‘full time’ job. It's a privledge and honor to serve your constituents… not a career! In addition, ALL elections will be publicly funded. Evenly funded with no outside organization trying to buy politicians!
2) Nullify ALL CFR’s (Codes of Federal Regulations) and return to State Law for your legal system. Yes there will be some confusion but the States will work out the details.
3) Outlaw lobbyists. Anyone attempting to influence a politician with any type of financial gain will face a minimum of 30 years, hard time, with no chance for parole on the first offense… the death sentence on the second offense!
4) Congress will only be in session a maximum of 3 month per year. If they are not ‘in session’… they can’t spend billions we don’t have!
5) Eliminate deficit spending unless in the case of a national security approved and confirmed by a majority of State Legislatures.
6) The Executive Branch of the Federal Government should only be involved in a very limited number of matters.
a) the use of active duty military on foreign soil and Veteran affairs (DOD)
b) foreign relations (State Dept)…
c) the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals and medical devices (FDA)
d) International Intelligence (CIA)…
e) Domestic Security (Homeland Security and National Intelligence)
f) Monetary policy (printing money, Treasury)

Eliminate the majority of Federal agencies: Send these Federal employees home!
Dept of Energy:Failed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
Dept of Education: Education is a local and State issue… not a centralized government issue.
Dept of Agriculture: Let the free market determine farm markets. Free markets work!
Dept of Labor: Labor is a local issue.
Dept of Transportation: The FAA can handle aircraft issues. NTSB the rest.
Dept of Interior: Each State can handle its own affairs.
Dept of Commerce: Free markets work… government planning does not!
Dept of HHS: now a State issue.
Dept of Justice: now a State issue.

Any proposed new law must be published for public review for at least 30 days prior to any vote.

Congressional Representatives are subject to the same laws and programs as U.S. Citizens. No special retirement or healthcare programs specifically for Congressional Representatives.
Federal Taxes can never be more than 5% of individual or Corporate net income unless approved by a 2/3 majority of State Legislatures. No citizen should have to work more than ½ day for the Federal Government. (each State will develop its own tax policy)

I’ve made some suggestions that will reduce the size of the Federal Government and reverse the massive power grab we’ve experienced over the last 70 years. I’d like to hear your suggestions!

The Flyover Conservative

Thursday, September 10, 2009

WOW… so V.P. Biden says the Republican Congressman’s shout out to Obama... “You Lie”… was ‘demeaning to the institution’. Did I hear him right… ‘Demeaning to Congress’… I don’t think the institution known as the U.S. Congress could be ‘demeaned’ any more than it already is. Congress has the lowest rating in history! In fact, I kind of like it when the opposition party members verbally points out a blatant lie… especially during prime time coverage. Watch the British Parliament for real verbal abuse!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called President Bush a loser and a liar. During a Tim Russert interview on December 5, 2004, Reid called President Bush a Liar and on May 6, 2005, Reid called President Bush a Loser in front of school children when the President was out of the Country on a foreign visit to Latvia. Of course Reid didn’t call Bush a liar and a loser to his face… no… he did it during an interview and a public event in front of children. Remember the Feb 2, 2004, State of the Union address, Democrats openly booed President Bush when he noted that Social Security would be bankrupt by 2042 (gee… a recent Congressional Budget Office estimates indicate Social Security could be bankrupt as soon as 2017). So were the Dems booing Bush because his date was wrong or because the system is going bankrupt and the Dems didn’t want that pointed out to the American public during the State of the Union.

What’s wrong with pointing out a blatant lie… even if it is during a prime time speech by the President! A lie to the American people is worst type of lie. The President is a known liar… need I point out the dozens of lies he has made to the public during his campaign and the 8 months of his administration? Just read some of my previous blogs… I’ve pointed out lie after lie after lie!

But let’s get to why a congressman called out… “You Lie” to the President. The President just made a statement that illegal’s would not be covered under his plan! (Hey… where is the President’s plan anyway? … Nobody has seen it… I know he referenced “His Plan” multiple times during that speech but nobody has seen it… So is that another lie… Anyway… for Obama to make the statement that illegal’s would not be covered... is a blatant lie to the American people. So what’s wrong with calling him on that lie? The Congressman didn’t call Obama a liar... (Although he is a liar)… he just said… “You Lie”… and the President WAS lying!!! So what's the problem?
The truth hurts! Boy... these Progressives get just a little sensitive when you point a problem with their leader's credibility!

The Flyover Conservative

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is great!

Listen and laugh... (or cry)... because there are millions of people out there that believe the government can provide you with everything!

Wake-up America! It's time for the 2nd American Revolution!

The Flyover Conservative

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Try this!

Here's an idea!

You're hearing a lot of numbers concerning how citizens people are actually without health insurance in the U.S. Obama and his band of idiots first said it was 46 million but that included 20 million illegals. You'll also hear 10 million, 20 million 25 million etc... let's not forget... anyone can walk into (or be delivered to) an Emergency Room and by law the hospital MUST treat them! So basically NO ONE is denied healthcare in America.... even non-citizens... but back to my original thought.

Let's use a figure of 20 million citizens un-insured in America.... and let's use a figure of $650 per month per person for coverage... so that's like $13 Billion per month or $156 Billion per year. I know that sounds like a lot of money... but... $156 billion a year is chump change! Our government is running $1.8 trillion deficiet this year (spending $1.8 Trillion.. more than it will take in this year) ... so $156 billion is not a lot in the big picture.

How about we try this... set aside $156 billion (of course bureaucrats will need to reduce existing programs by $156 billion to come up with that sum... I don't want ANY new tax money supporting this experiment... ya.. like that's going to happen! ... name just one government program that has been reduced in size over the years) and make this available to health insurance companies and providers to cover those 20 million citizens. We'll also limit malpractice liability if you're one of the 20 million to enter the program. (Hey... you're getting something for free so... no potential outrageous multi-million dollar awards if someone puts a band-aid on wrong!)

The free market will produce a more efficient and competitive healthcare delivery system to get a piece of that $156 billion, thus, reducing costs? The BIGGER benefit of this experiment is that the more efficient policies, procedures, and pricing structure will eventually migrate to the 'for profit/non-government' side of the healthcare system. We don't need to overhaul the entire system to provide healthcare to a small percentage of the population.

I don't care if you use this type of system or some other similar concept because what you really need to understand is that government controlled healthcare is NOT about healthcare... it's about government asserting authority over the most important part of your life. Once you lose control over your healthcare you have lost your independence and given up control over your life... and that's what the Progressives want... more control over your life. Control over every aspect of your life! Once the Progressives have control of your healthcare they can tell you what to eat, what you must weigh, what you can drive, what you can drink, they can tax "unhealthy foods", they can tax where you live... and don't even think about that fine Cuban cigar... and on and on and on... more control over your life.

What you need is LESS government control over your life... not more! Don't give government more control over anything... especially your healthcare!

The Flyover Conservative