Monday, December 28, 2009

'The System Worked'!... about as well as the terrorist bomb!

After a terrorist, on the 'Terrorist Watch List', got on a NW/Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, and then tried to blow up the plane, our highly intelligent DHS Chief, Janet Napolitano, declared on Sunday... 'the system worked'!

Let's examine just how well 'the system' actually worked!

1) A known Al Qeada sympathiser, on the Terrorist Watch List, was issued a VISA to visit the U.S. DAHHHH! How did the State Department issue this guy a VISA? Let's see... who's Sec of State... Oh... It's Hillary!

2) The terrorist was ban from entering the U.K. but ok'ed to come to the USA! Again... why was a VISA issued to this guy?

3) Even his Father had warned authorities his son had become 'radicalized' and should be watched! Why didn't someone in DHS take this seriously?

4) It was known he recently visited Yemen... a hot bed for terrorist training! Gee...maybe we should listen to a prominent family member when he warns everyone of a pending problem!

5) A recent report indicates the terrorist may NOT have even had a passport but was still allowed to board the plane! WOW... how did that happen? Someone needs to have their ass kicked for that!

6) Inexpensive 'scanning and detection' technology, which is available now and could have detected the loaded underwear, was not used to screen this clown. But... we are still using magnetometers to pick-up large metal objects... like guns!

7) The terrorist paid for his ticket with cash, had no luggage and no return ticket! Gee... who would think that could be an indicator?

But... according to our DHS Chief said "the system worked'! It looks like 'the system worked' about as well as the terrorist's bomb! Did we get lucky here? I think we did... and it's exposed another incompetent Obama appointment!

The Obama Administration has been so busy trying to destroy Capitalism and individual freedom, they've dropped the ball on their first priority... protecting our Homeland and citizens! If Janet Napolitano had any credibility she'd resign after making such a stupid statement. It's obvious she has no idea what she is doing! A vote of NO CONFIDENCE!

The only thing that worked in this situation was the passenger that jumped this guy and foiled the bombing.

The Flyover Conservative

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