Friday, September 3, 2010

Al Gore lied... James Lee died!

One of Al Gore's Eco-Jihadists, James Lee, went off the eco deep end and got his brains blown out in the Discovery Channel offices the other day. A fitting end to a "Gore kamikaze"!

Gore's statement the 'US Senate has failed the American people by not passing Cap and Trade' was an obvious "eco call to arms" and wackos like James Lee took Gore seriously. How sad! Al Gore lied... James Lee died! (Hey... if it was good enough for Bush... then it's good enough for Gore!)

If you didn't notice the IPCC took it in the ear last week when the InterAcademy Council, an independent association of the best scientists and engineers worldwide formed in 2000 to give high-quality advice to international bodies, released a scientific review of the IPCC's practices... and found them scientifically wanting! WOW... in scientific speak... that's pretty insulting! It's like saying "you're an idiot, your data is baseless, flawed and you have NO scientific credibility!

Example: The much touted IPCC's 4th Assessment Report claimed in 2007 that Himalayan glaciers were rapidly melting and would possibly be gone by 2035. Now to make a scientific claim of such magnitude you would think the IPCC would base their position upon solid peer-reviewed scientific data... but NO... in reality the IPCC claim was based upon speculation, in a phone interview, by a single scientist. Speculation... not science! No control, no data... "scientifically wanting"! Just one example exposed by the Climate Gate emails.

James Lee actually believed Al Gore's inconvenient baloney! Gore is an eco-pimp! He profits from selling the "eco-apocalypse"... and has made a forture doing it! Does Gore actually believe in what he sells... absolutely not! He lives in massive homes sucking up carbon based energy. He flies on carbon fuel sucking jets and travels in carbon fuel guzzling SUV motorcades. Not only is Gore an "eco-pimp" but he's and "eco-hypocrite"! Sadly, James Lee was a Gore tree hugging minion and it cost him his life!

Al Gore can be proud he's turned political messaging into a violent extreme!

The Flyover Conservative

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