Thursday, September 10, 2009

WOW… so V.P. Biden says the Republican Congressman’s shout out to Obama... “You Lie”… was ‘demeaning to the institution’. Did I hear him right… ‘Demeaning to Congress’… I don’t think the institution known as the U.S. Congress could be ‘demeaned’ any more than it already is. Congress has the lowest rating in history! In fact, I kind of like it when the opposition party members verbally points out a blatant lie… especially during prime time coverage. Watch the British Parliament for real verbal abuse!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called President Bush a loser and a liar. During a Tim Russert interview on December 5, 2004, Reid called President Bush a Liar and on May 6, 2005, Reid called President Bush a Loser in front of school children when the President was out of the Country on a foreign visit to Latvia. Of course Reid didn’t call Bush a liar and a loser to his face… no… he did it during an interview and a public event in front of children. Remember the Feb 2, 2004, State of the Union address, Democrats openly booed President Bush when he noted that Social Security would be bankrupt by 2042 (gee… a recent Congressional Budget Office estimates indicate Social Security could be bankrupt as soon as 2017). So were the Dems booing Bush because his date was wrong or because the system is going bankrupt and the Dems didn’t want that pointed out to the American public during the State of the Union.

What’s wrong with pointing out a blatant lie… even if it is during a prime time speech by the President! A lie to the American people is worst type of lie. The President is a known liar… need I point out the dozens of lies he has made to the public during his campaign and the 8 months of his administration? Just read some of my previous blogs… I’ve pointed out lie after lie after lie!

But let’s get to why a congressman called out… “You Lie” to the President. The President just made a statement that illegal’s would not be covered under his plan! (Hey… where is the President’s plan anyway? … Nobody has seen it… I know he referenced “His Plan” multiple times during that speech but nobody has seen it… So is that another lie… Anyway… for Obama to make the statement that illegal’s would not be covered... is a blatant lie to the American people. So what’s wrong with calling him on that lie? The Congressman didn’t call Obama a liar... (Although he is a liar)… he just said… “You Lie”… and the President WAS lying!!! So what's the problem?
The truth hurts! Boy... these Progressives get just a little sensitive when you point a problem with their leader's credibility!

The Flyover Conservative

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