Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Try this!

Here's an idea!

You're hearing a lot of numbers concerning how citizens people are actually without health insurance in the U.S. Obama and his band of idiots first said it was 46 million but that included 20 million illegals. You'll also hear 10 million, 20 million 25 million etc... let's not forget... anyone can walk into (or be delivered to) an Emergency Room and by law the hospital MUST treat them! So basically NO ONE is denied healthcare in America.... even non-citizens... but back to my original thought.

Let's use a figure of 20 million citizens un-insured in America.... and let's use a figure of $650 per month per person for coverage... so that's like $13 Billion per month or $156 Billion per year. I know that sounds like a lot of money... but... $156 billion a year is chump change! Our government is running $1.8 trillion deficiet this year (spending $1.8 Trillion.. more than it will take in this year) ... so $156 billion is not a lot in the big picture.

How about we try this... set aside $156 billion (of course bureaucrats will need to reduce existing programs by $156 billion to come up with that sum... I don't want ANY new tax money supporting this experiment... ya.. like that's going to happen! ... name just one government program that has been reduced in size over the years) and make this available to health insurance companies and providers to cover those 20 million citizens. We'll also limit malpractice liability if you're one of the 20 million to enter the program. (Hey... you're getting something for free so... no potential outrageous multi-million dollar awards if someone puts a band-aid on wrong!)

The free market will produce a more efficient and competitive healthcare delivery system to get a piece of that $156 billion, thus, reducing costs? The BIGGER benefit of this experiment is that the more efficient policies, procedures, and pricing structure will eventually migrate to the 'for profit/non-government' side of the healthcare system. We don't need to overhaul the entire system to provide healthcare to a small percentage of the population.

I don't care if you use this type of system or some other similar concept because what you really need to understand is that government controlled healthcare is NOT about healthcare... it's about government asserting authority over the most important part of your life. Once you lose control over your healthcare you have lost your independence and given up control over your life... and that's what the Progressives want... more control over your life. Control over every aspect of your life! Once the Progressives have control of your healthcare they can tell you what to eat, what you must weigh, what you can drive, what you can drink, they can tax "unhealthy foods", they can tax where you live... and don't even think about that fine Cuban cigar... and on and on and on... more control over your life.

What you need is LESS government control over your life... not more! Don't give government more control over anything... especially your healthcare!

The Flyover Conservative

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