Thursday, April 16, 2009

Janet Napolitano... resign now!

You and I have been called a "COWARD" by the head of the Justice Dept, Eric Holder... and by the way... I challenged him to a dual at 50 paces with 9 mm's but he never responded... so who's the coward? OOPS, I guess I'd better be careful here... this clown does have the FBI at his disposal!

Then, you and I were labeled as "ARROGANT" by our humble Messiah Obama when he was in Europe. Thanks Barry... didn't your mother teach you it's not polite to call people names or talk behind their back. My suggestion... Why don't you stand on US soil and call it's citizens "ARROGANT"?

Now Janet Napolitano has labeled me a potential "TERRORIST" and "Right Wing Extremist" just because I believe in the 2nd Amendment or because I believe in the 10th Amendment. Side Note: Janet... maybe you didn't get the memo but under the Obama Administration your NOT suppose to use the term "TERRORIST" anymore... it's now called... "man caused disasters"!

Janet Napolitano's report actually indicated returning veterans could be turned to violent acts against their Country. How insulting to our veterans! Janet... you need to resign now! Can I ask a question here... Why didn't your report cover Left Wing Extremists? ... like ELF or guys that hang with the President and actually DID bomb police departments and Federal Buildings and radical preachers Obama listened to for 20 years spouting hate, racism and revolution?

So now I'm a Right Wing Extremist just because I'm concerned about out of control and reckless government spending which my grandchildren will have to pay for? Or because I challenge the concept of taking from one person that produces and contributes to society and giving to another that refuses to produce or contribute (that whole "spread the wealth around" thing Obama refereed to or what we extremists call "redistribution of wealth"). I need to be watched because I own a gun and believe the Federal government doesn't have the right to force programs down a State's throat or government shouldn't have car czars or bail out corrupt Wall Street bankers. Janet... pull your head out of your ass and look around.

Janet, Eric and Barry (Barack) seem to have forgotten the Federal Government was formed at the pleasure of the States... the States were NOT formed by the Federal Government. The States' have authority over the Federal Government... read the 10th Amendment!

So I guess Obama, as the White House press release indicated, just wasn't aware of the over 700 TEA PARTIES that took place across the Country yesterday! I think the next Tea Party needs to be on the South Lawn of the White House and then move on to the Capitol Building.

Remember your pitchforks... or 9 mm's!

The Flyover Conservative

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