Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm in my bunker hidding from Swine Flu!

I'm hiding from Swine Flu exposure... I'm deep in my bunker at an undisclosed location. Just between you and me... I think... I'm not sure... but I think I saw Dick Cheney walking around in his underwear and grumbling something about Joe Biden. WOW... the 'Shadow Government' must still be operating!

So watching the news (from deep in my bunker) I watched video of a jumbo jet flying over the Hudson River and around lower Manhattan... WOW... wasn't that the route the terrorists took on 9/11. (OOPS... sorry... we're not suppose to use the term "TERRORIST" anymore... I'll just call them Islamic Fundamentalist that want to cut our heads off). But wait... as I watch, I notice the plane has a very distinct color pattern... and isn't that the Seal of the United States of America on it's side... yes... it is... hey... that's Air Force One flying around lower Manhattan! Wait... why are all those buildings in Manhattan being evacuated... Why are all those people screaming and running for their lives through the street of lower Manhattan? Oh... I guess some people are just a little sensitive about jumbo jets flying very low over lower Manhattan... especially when it's being chased by a F15 fighter jet.

Now what brain child in the White House thought up this scenario? I can just see some 28 year old White House whiz kid saying... hey we need some pictures of Air Force One flying low over Manhattan so we can project an image of Messiah Obama keeping America safe!

Obviously a 9/10 mentality! 'IDIOT' is the polite term that applies here... Dumb Ass would be much more accurate! But... what would you expect from a President that can't even speak without a teleprompter and makes a fool of himself when the prompter fails! I guess someone forgot to tell that 28 year old whiz kid on the Messiah's staff... you ALWAYS have hard copy on the podium!

The more I see... the more I'm convinced... we are in deep shit with this guy running the Country!

The Flyover Conservative

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