Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama's $100 Million budget cut is insulting!

Obama must think you and I are stupid!

Recently Obama told his Cabinet to find $100 Million in cuts to the budget! Now... I know $100 million sounds like a significant sum but it's virtually 14 minutes and 36 seconds of the Federal spending time out of 1 year.

Yes... Obama's new budget is approximately $3.6 trillion dollars (that's $3,600,000,000,000 ... for all you math challenged people out there... that's a 36 with 11 zeros behind it). Just a note... the only calculator I have that will work with all those digit places is on my computer!

So here's the math. $3.6 trillion divided by 31,536,000 seconds in a year equals $114,153.25 being spent by the Federal government every second.... yes that's $114,153 every second. So the Feds spend $3.5 million during the time it takes me to pee!

Messiah Obama has directed his Cabinet to find enough budget cuts to equal 14 minutes and 36 seconds out of 365 days of Federal spending... Gee... I'm impressed. He wants to cut his Federal Budget buy a whopping .00002777 % ... Everyone tighten your belt. It's going to get tough around here!

How insulting! Does Messiah Obama think you and I are stupid? I know I went to public school but this is less than a drop in the bucket. This clown has to GO!

The Flyover Conservative

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