Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another failed committment from Obama!

Do you remember Obama's promise of government transparency during his campaign? This statement is directly from President Obama's web site: 'President Obama has committed to making his administration the most transparent in history. 'Well it looks like Obama has already forgotten his commitment (just a polite way of saying this clown has lied to us again)!

Here's the deal... remember Air Force 1 buzzing lower Manhattan last week at a cost of $328,835 of your tax dollars. You remember that photo op that sent thousands of New Yorkers running for their lives. The people that work in lower Manhattan that might just be a little sensitive to low flying jumbo jets. You know... those silly New Yorkers that lost friends and family in the worst attack on US soil. The flight of Air Force 1 that Obama says he didn't know anything about until he saw it on the news like all of us! Yea... right! The one that the Administration failed to even give a simple heads up on (no pun intended)... and all for a few pictures to help project an image of strength for the Obama Administration.

Well guess what... the Obama Administration has decided NOT to release those photos for which you paid $328,835 of your hard earned income. In fact... they are now classified! Spooky classified pics! Now that's what I call open and transparent! It's not that your tax dollars paid for this sham! It's not that it scared the hell out of thousands of Americans. It's not that the Obama Administration failed to give even a simple warning to those lower Manhattan workers. It's not that the Obama Administration has failed to provide the flight manifest so we all can see who was on those planes... it's simply that the Obama Administration has adopted such an arrogant attitude about transparency in government after promising to make his administration the most open and transparent in history. Does the term HYPOCRITE ring a bell?

Oh... wait... Obama inherited that flight from Bush! Yea... that's the story! This guy is a joke... and a liar! But deep in your heart... you already know that!

The Flyover Conservative

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