Monday, August 31, 2009

Remember Mary Jo Kopechne!

Remember Mary Jo Kopechne! That was going to be my bumper sticker if Teddy Kennedy ever became a serious candidate for President.

Teddy Kennedy broke the cardinal rule of politics... never get caught with a live boy or a dead girl! Well... Teddy didn't exactly get caught with a dead girl... she was found dead in his car... under water... after he waited 11 hours (probably to sober up) before reporting his July 1969 vehicular homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne... a young Robert Kennedy Campaign (the Boiler Room Girls) worker that drown in Teddy's car when Teddy drove off Chappaquiddick bridge!

Teddy's advisors certainly were lucky we had just landed on the moon and the public's attention was centered on the accomplishment of his brother's challenge, rather than the indictable conduct of his younger brother... Teddy... and I don't mean getting kicked out of Harvard for paying a fellow student to take a test for him or being denied a commision in the US Army because, again, he was caught cheating on tests.

Now... I could go on and on disparaging the bloated, alcoholic, egotistical, murderer known as the younger brother of John and Bobby... he's hardly worth it... and my mother taught me not to speak badly about the dead. Just think.... if Evan Bayh's dad hadn't pulled Teddy out of that plane I wouldn't be writing this... thanks Birch... I think!

I only have one question about the younger Kennedy brother? We all know John was married to Jackie but recently we learned Bobby was doing Jackie after John's death... (I guess Jackie had a thing for power and money... especially if the money was made from prostitution and bootlegging... or shipping... what did Ethel say about all this? ... oh my God, this could be an adult viewing hour soap opera... or maybe an HBO series... let's call it... Cum-a-lot!

So here's the question... was Teddy also doing Jackie? Oh... I hear groans and whisper coming from the audience... they're saying ... "What a vicious attack!" ... my response... Not as vicious as Teddy's attack on Bork or Justice Thomas!

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