Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Isn't Oprah's weight gain really GOOD for the business of Oprah?

Now this is a thought that is probably going to piss-off 90% of the woman that read this... but I would bet most of the guys that read this will agree with me (if they still have ability to produce testosterone)!

OK, here I go... so I was having dinner with friends the other night. Our High School kids were attending a Winter Formal together and as parents we stopped for dinner after the proverbial photo session. Now these are close friends. We vacation together every year and our kids interact socially. My friends know and understand I always believe there's more to any story... more than what you actually see, hear or read. Our friends know my personality naturally questions just about everything! So after dinner during the conversation on the drive home I throw out this thought... Isn't Oprah's weight gain really GOOD for the business of Oprah?

Now believe me... I am NOT a fan of Oprah! As I put it, she is a major contributor to the 'dumbing down' of America! I am not questioning the fact that she is a very successful brand and has capitalized financially on that brand. I only question the sincerity of the brand and the negative byproduct of the brand. I first developed this impression when I overheard her interviewing a guy that claimed he was married to 2 different women at the same time. Had two families in different areas of the U.S. This guy was explaining how he juggled 2 homes, 2 wives, and multiple children in 2 separate locations... and neither relationship new what was going on. The bullshit alarm went off in my head! I knew this was pure bull and couldn't understand how Oprah didn't also realize this was a total lie. She just continued to interview this clown and never questioned his honesty. So my impression of Oprah was tainted after that and eventually she did admit it was a total fraud. I'm not even going to mention all the book scams she's been sucked into... let's leave that alone at this point.

So back to my original thought... Oprah gaining weight is really GOOD for the business of Oprah! A huge revenue generator for the Oprah brand. The weight gain and subsequent loss will generate hundreds of hours of TV shows and thus, hundreds of millions of dollars of TV advertising revenue for the Oprah brand. Countless interviews with the latest diet gurus and thus, millions of dollars of diet book sales for the Oprah brand. Hundreds of articles in her magazine and thus millions of dollars in advertising revenue for the Oprah brand. Get the picture... Oprah gaining weight is really GOOD for the business of Oprah!

I'm just questioning the sincerity of the action and ask everyone to keep an open mind when considering the results.


The Flyover Conservative

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