Monday, January 19, 2009

So what happened to Kwanzaa in 2008?

The end of 2008 just seemed to be lacking something! The Messiah had been elected and would soon solve all our problems, pay our mortgages, fill our tanks with cheap gas and stabilize our bankrupt economic system... yet something was missing! I heard Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays & Happy Hanukkah greetings as I passed friends in the street and listened to radio and TV spots... yet... something was missing! What was it? Then I suddenly remembered... KWANZAA.... what the hell happened to KWANZAA in 2008?

You remember KWANZAA... that pseudo holiday created in 1966 by Ronald McKinley Everett; aka: Ron Everett; Ron Karenga; Ron Ndabezitha Everett-Karenga (Ndabezitha being Zulu for 'your majesty'). Yup, the same Ron Karenga known for his 'United Slaves' organization and his connections to the Black Panthers. You guessed it, the same Ron Karenga convicted in 1971 of felony assault and false imprisonment for assaulting and torturing over a two day period two women from the United Slaves organization, Deborah Jones and Gail Davis. That's right, the Ron Karenga that whipped Deborah Jones and Gail Davis with an electrical cord and beat them with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothes. Yes, the same Ron Karenga that placed a hot soldering iron in Miss Davis' mouth and against her face and tigthtened a vise on her big toe and put detergent and running hoses in their mouths. What a guy! Yes, that's the same Ron Karenga we all know and love, the creator of KWANZAA!

Now you remember KWANZAA don't you? That week long celebration that has its roots in the Black Nationalist movement of the 1960s, and was established as a means to help African Americans reconnect with their African cultural and historical heritage by uniting in meditation and study of "African traditions" and "common humanist principles". (Just a note: Since when is torture a "common humanist principle"?) I digress.... KWANZAA... the last seven days of the year spent in celebration, featuring activities such as candle-lighting and pouring of libations, and culminating in a feast and gift giving. Now I'm sure you remember KWANZAA!

So what happened to KWANZAA in 2008? I didn't hear one national media outlet, news channel or radio station even mention KWANZAA in 2008! In fact I didn't hear anyone mention KWANZAA in 2008!

To tell the truth... I'm kind of disappointed. Knowing the history of KWANZAA, I got a kick out of hearing national radio, TV, news channels and other media outlets offering 'Happy KWANZAA' to it's listeners.
Happy KWANZAA... it just has that ring that makes me smile!

I hope KWANZAA comes back in 2009! I think I going to need something to smile about!


The Flyover Conservative

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  1. I thought they did away with Kwanza this year?