Monday, February 16, 2009

Viva la Revolution!

I’ve witnessed some really stupid things take place during my life… but voting on this stimulus package (spending spree) without even reading it…. takes the cake. Just think about this. The largest fiscal expenditure in human history was approved by the idiots we sent to Washington DC… without even reading it! How insulting! What the hell is going on here?

Representatives and Senators… I ask… How contemptuous can you be? How insulting! You basically just told your constituents to go fuc# themselves! You promised to publish this bill so the people (who pay for this) could at least review it before you voted on it… you lied. You promised it would be a bipartisan effort, yet you locked the other party out of the room and refused to even listen to their suggestions… some bipartisan effort that was… you lied again!

Congress had to rush this abomination through the process because the sky was falling and it needed to get passed immediately… yet the President took the weekend off and delayed the signing of this bill for a more prudent photo and political opportunity! Another lie!

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Congress… if you voted for this Stimulus Bill you should be tarred and feathered by your constitutes and run out of town. You are lying scum and are abusing the privilege of representing the American citizen.

If you voted against this Bill you are a patriot and I thank you!

Viva la Revolution!


The Flyover Conservative

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