Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whelping a litter!

I've held off commenting on this for a while now because I just knew there had to be more to the story than what was first reported. So now that more and more info and facts have been coming out... I just can't hold it back!

Having a baby is probably the most wonderful experience anyone can have. Having twins would be an even more unique experience! Triplets would be a test! But we’re talking about octuplets... just imagine giving birth to 8 babies! EIGHT! Eight babies at one time!

Sorry... I'm having trouble comprehending this! Maybe I'm just a little too practical but this isn't normal for humans. There are words for this... like WHELPING and LITTER... Not to mention, SHE ALREADY HAS 6 KIDS!!! 6 + 8 equals 14!!! GOOD GOD... 14 KIDS! Now obviously this woman has some serious psychological problems, not to mention her future financial responsibility... oh, that's right... she's not picking up the tab for all this... WE ARE! Where's Brad and Angie when we need them?

Here's the really disturbing aspect of this disaster! All these babies are the product of IVF. IVF means some fertility Doc had to thaw, fertilize and implant these embryos. Thawing, fertilizing and implanting these embryos was a conscience act... not just some random act or freak of nature... it was intentional! What ethical physician would commit such an act? Ethics probably had nothing to do with this... but getting published in a medical journal probably did! When it gets right down to it... this Doc should NEVER be allowed to practice medicine again.

Don't give me any of this "judgmental" crap... like... 'It's not up to us to decide what she can do with her body and eggs... it's her decision'! Wrong! It's not ethical by any medical or human standard, plus, we're paying for it. This is like asking my neighbor to pay the vet bill and expenses of raising my dog's puppies... except were talking about humans!

My guess... next stop Oprah and Dr. Phil... or some other talk show that will exploit this tragedy! Has anyone thought about the future for these kids?

This is whelping a litter... human style! Spay the bitch!

The Flyover Conservative

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