Monday, March 2, 2009

Do you want Obama to fail? I DO!

There has been much said and grossly misrepresented about Rush Limbaugh's statement that he 'Wants Obama to fail! I know... I know... the statement sounds harsh.... but let's examine and ask yourself these questions:

Do you want a more big government, more inefficient government riddled with waste, fraud and abuse? ... I don't! Under Obama's massive expansion of government you're going to get more, more and even more!

Do you want more out of control government spending? Obama's party (with the help of 3 GOP Senators that should be tared and feathered by their constitutes) just passed the largest single expenditure in human history and no one even read the bill. Is that how you want your tax dollars spent? ... I don't!

Do you want to continue out of control deficit spending and accumulate more national debt? I don't! Under Obama's proposed budgets our country will accumulate MORE debt in the next 10 years than the total sum of national debt accumulated since our country was established.

Do you want government ownership and management of private business? Just imagine government czars doing as good a job with GM, Citi and AIG as they have done with the Post Office... you can kiss these businesses goodbye or be ready to pour endless sums of taxpayer money into loosing operations!

Do you want fundamental change in the education system in America. Do you want the Dept of Education deeply involved with your child's local school and education programs? I don't... local control and school vouchers DO work as proven by multiple charter schools and pilot programs across the country. But of course Obama doesn't send his kids to public schools and one of his biggest campaign contributors were the teachers unions!

Do you want to keep the welfare reform instituted under the Clinton administration helping reduce massive welfare fraud and abuse.... Sorry... the Stimulus Bill already reversed those reforms... You say you didn't know that... no one did... because no one knew what was in the bill!

Do you want government run healthcare which will lead to the rationing of healthcare like it has EVERYWHERE it's in place? Government bureaucrates making decisions about your healthcare instead of those decisions being made between you and your Doctor? I don't! Of course there are ways to improve healthcare and access to healthcare but I sure as hell don't want the government even remotely involved in any decision involved with my healthcare!

I could go on and on... but no need! Just understand one thing... Obama is out to destroy your freedoms this country offers. He is out to destroy capitalism and free enterprise as we know it. He and his band of pseudo elites want to create what they consider a socialistic utopia. They want to control every aspect of your life, from what you eat, drink smoke, drive and how much money you can make. They want to make sure you are living your life as they want you to... not as you want to! This is about control... their control... their way of life... not yours!

Do I want Obama to fail... YES. Yes... I want Obama's programs to fail! Don't play the race card it has nothing to do with race! It has to do with socialism! It has to do with government expansion like we have NEVER seen. It has to do with government control and the loss of liberty, freedoms and capitalism.


Flyover Conservative

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