Thursday, March 5, 2009

This clown has a credibility issue!

Well ... Obama's lies just continue to roll off his tongue like... lies off any liberal politician's tongue.

So yesterday Obama's 'lie of the day' was 'every 30 seconds someone in America files a medical bankruptcy'! WOW... this is whopper. US government statistics list 850,912 total non-business bankruptcies filed in 2007. Don't believe me see:

Let's up the number to 900,000 for 2008... just to make this fair! Additional statistics indicate approximately one third of all bankruptcies are medically related... so that would be around 300,000 directly related to a medical situation.

Now here is a classic example how Obama attempts to create a crisis by lying to us. No body is disputing bankruptcy is a unfortunate situation but 'one every 30 seconds... medically related'... no frickin' way. Run the numbers!

3600 seconds per hour, 24 hours in a day, 365 days a year... that's 31,536,000 seconds per year and divide that by 'every 30 seconds'... wow... that's 1,05,120 medical bankruptcies per year according to Obama. But wait... there is only 900,000 total bankruptcy's each year! Why would Obama lie like that to the people who trusted him to bring hope and change to America?

That's what liberal politicians do! When their mouth is moving you can bet they are lying! They lie to create an exaggerated situation, so they can elevate it to a crisis, so they can pass pork filled legislation that will significantly expand the size of government, take away your liberty and increase your taxes. (Now that's a good way to stimulate the economy!)

Now that Obama has a 1 billion dollar fund as a down payment on Healthcare... thanks to the stimulus bill... my guess... we'll get socialized medicine sometime this year and when we do... that will be the end of America as we know it! All based on Obama lies. Too much change... too soon! But... never let a crisis go to waste... even if you have to create the crisis!


The Flyover Conservative

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