Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama promised to bring RESPONSIBILITY to government... yea... right!

OK... for all you idiots that voted for Obama.... he just fu*ked you again!

Obama just signed the new 1/2 year budget loaded with 8000 earmarks! OK... lets call an earmark what it really is... PORK! He hid from the public and signed it in private. No cameras... Gee... I wonder why a private signing rather than a public signing! Well... because he campaigned repeatedly against earmarks, and promised to change the way government worked. He said he'd clean up government by stopping waste, fraud and abuse... not to mention he promised to publish spending appropriations online for at least 5 days before signing so it could be reviewed by the taxpayer. He also promised to expose those politicians inserting earmarks into any bill... anyone seen that list? NO! Obama has LIED to you again!

Did he publish the budget bill online for 5 days as he promised... NO! Did he expose those politicians inserting billions of pork into this budget as promised... NO! Did he try to eliminate even one of these earmarks as promised... NO! Some job Obama's doing of stopping waste, fraud and abuse! He signed the stimulus package (all $787 Billion of it) without even reading it! Obama certainly showed he was bringing 'responsibility to government' on that bill! What happened to the 'change' in government? Trying to pass this off as 'old business' (Bush spending) is ridicules and insulting. This bill funds the government from today (Obama is President today... not Bush) until Sept... Bush hasn't been president for 2 month now... he has nothing to do with this bill... just another Obama lie!

At least, for show, he should have vetoed the bill, sent it back to Congress for some minor adjustments, published it online for taxpayer review and expose a few of the major porkers... (plenty of the GOP on that list) but NO! He did NONE of what he promised and campaigned to do! Does the term LIAR fit here? I think so! And now the DEM's are talking about ANOTHER stimulus bill!

OK you Obama voters... are you starting to feel like he's making fools of his supporters? Are you starting to feel... maybe this guy just isn't what you thought he was? He's just not as honest as he lead you to believe? He's lied to you several times now... but he doesn't seem to really care! Maybe you're starting to second guess your vote! Maybe your starting to feel he just can be trusted to tell the truth (that's pretty sad when you actually think about it)!

Feel that little tickle in your pocket... it's Obama's hand, taking your hard earned money and spreading it around, while he whispers more lies in your ear. Remember... 'Read my lips, no new taxes' (41)... and 'I never had sex with that woman'... Obama is just another lying politician!

The Flyover Conservative

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