Thursday, March 5, 2009

What the Hell happened to the New York Times?

This why the New York Times is going bankrupt!

A collapsing banking system, record high mortgage failures, highest unemployment rate since the 1930’s, record deficient spending, trillions of dollars of citizen wealth lost in weeks, two wars, record losses in the stock market since Obama took office, a government stimulus which will not stimulate, new proposed record high taxes which will only exacerbate the slumping economy, tax cheats in critically important government positions, GM will probably fail, 8 million homes 'under water', European banks collapsing, Iran developing a nuke…
..... and the front page of the New York Times is commenting on grey flecks in Obama’s hair and wonders how Michelle Obama keeps her arms toned!

What the hell happened to... The New York Times?

Flyover Conservative

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