Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pay Up!

Here are 2 very interesting web sites that clearly detail the out of control spending and massive public debt our Federal Government has accumulated.

http://www.usdebtclock.org/ Now this site, at the time of posting, indicates your individual portion of the US National Debt is about $38,000! And that the Federal government has spent this year to date about $8,400 per citizen, and it's only the end of August. Moving down the page you'll see your government has spent over $11 trillion of your tax dollars on government bailouts... that's trillion with a "T" and remember it's your money because the government doesn't have any money except what it gets from you and me... the individual taxpayer!

Moving down the page you can review Financial Meltdown info, Private Debt, Credit Card Debt and Medical Debt, Unemployment Numbers, Bankruptcies and Foreclosures, etc,... all very interesting and mind boggling! Then as you move down the page you can view present Trade Numbers and Oil Imports which is pretty scary in itself!

The MOST interesting numbers are at the bottom of the page... it indicates U.S. UNFUNDED LIABILITIES... which at the time of this posting is approaching $59 trillion dollars... yes... that's trillion with a "T". Now what is an 'UNFUNDED LIABILITY'? You'll notice it's broken into 3 parts 1) Medicare/Medicaid, 2) Social Security and 3) Prescription Drugs. UNFUNDED means these are government obligations it has made to its citizens (entitloements) for which there is no money... no funding (thus the term UN-funded)... a promise to pay with no means of paying... think about that.... cannot pay and has no means of paying these entitlements!

Think about that last set of numbers... $59 Trillion... with no means of paying for those obligations! And just think your individual portion of that unfunded liability, each of children's individual portion of that unfunded liability and each or your grand children's individual portions of that unfunded liability is $192,000... each! Look around you... everyone you see, every person in the USA owes $192,000 as their portion of those unfunded liabilities!

The second web site... http://www.treasurydirect.gov/NP/BPDLogin?application=np is a government (U.S. Treasury) web site that not only confirms the above information (give or take a few Billion) but will give you even more detail of this pending financial disaster!

Wake up American... it's time for the 2nd American Revolution! Go to 'Town Hall Meeting', take a video camera, and ask your Senator or Representative the hard questions! Remind them they work and answer to us!

The Flyover Conservative

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