Monday, August 17, 2009

The Seante took the "Death Panels" out even though the Obama Administration said they were never in!

Now the Obama Administration has always claimed there were no "Death Panels" in the Healthcare Reform Bill! Ya... right... Oh I forgot... nobody read it! (Well... see page 430 of the House Bill)

Then last Friday the U.S. Senate (sensing the natives are getting restless) announced those "Death Panels", the Obama Administration said were never in the Bill.... had been removed from the Senate version of the Bill.

OK now let me see... Obama Administration says the "Death Panels" were never in the Bill... then the Senate said the "Death Panels" were removed from the Bill. So how do you remove something that wasn't there?

Hummm... can you say "LIARS" or is it just that nobody in the Obama Administration has their sh*t together!

Wake up America... it's time for the second American Revolution! Keep up the good work and express yourself at a Town Hall meeting with your Congressional Representatives... and remember to take a video camera!

The Flyover Conservative

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