Monday, August 3, 2009

Clunkers for Healthcare!

Let's see... when Obama first announced his plan to overhaul the healthcare system in American it was to cover the 46 million uninsured... but you take away 20 million illegals (Americans are tired of paying billions of dollars for the healthcare of non-Americans), then 9 million more that are eligible for Medicaid but refuse to use the program, and about 10 million more that are either long term or short term uninsured due to unemployment and your left with about 9 million that are chronic uninsured. Hummm... 9 million people (less than 3% of the population) and he wants to overhaul the best healthcare system in the world! It would seem to me a stop gap program to cover the long and short uninsured might be a more cost effective solution... but NO... Obama wants to overhaul the entire frickin' healthcare system!

So when those numbers came out... he and his band of idiots changed their story to 'cost savings'. Moving to a one payer system would save money... but they shot themselves in the foot (like I said... 'a band of idiots') when they had already reported the house version would cost an additional $1 trillion dollars (that's an additional trillion dollars... with a "T" ... not a lot of cost saving there)... so that didn't work... and made them look like they acted 'stupidly'.. just to borrow a phrase from PresBO... (President Barack Obama... it's PresBO... cuz we tite)!

So the band of idiots have again changed their story and now it's the insurance companies that are the devil! The merry band of idiots will be preaching... it's the evil insurance companies that's the problem! Those greedy insurance companies... they're making a profit!

SIDE NOTE: I don't see a lot of Americans running to Canada or England to receive healthcare... although I do see a lot of foreigners coming to America to receive healthcare... like the PM of Italy (Berlusconi) came here a few months ago for heart surgery. Do you think Obama would run to Italy for heart surgery? ... not so much!

Let's cut the bullsh*t! Obama is a Marxist! In his community organizer world "profit" is a bad thing... but if you make a profit... it needs to be spread around! Central planning and government control is best! Big government is the answer!

Big government can't even run a "cash for clunkers" program... but they want to run your healthcare! Big government has bankrupt Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the VA Medical System and Obama wants a 'single payer' ('single payer'... is just another word for socialized medicine) healthcare system in America. So when Obama says he's NOT trying destroy private insurance, and his plan will include private insurance... just watch this video:

Obama's healthcare plan is just another massive grab for power and expansion of central authority.

Elections have consequences! Wake-up America. It's time for the 2nd American Revolution!

The Flyover Conservative

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